Pieneņu Vīns Stop 360

This is the first 360 degree immersive music video in Latvia, filmed for the song STOP by Pienenu Vins.

We were the first to do a panoramic music video in the country, so you have an opportunity to enjoy this experience with us!

Download info for press:
press LV.zip press EN.zip press RU.zip

Pienenu Vins - Stop 360 Video

To experience full joy of 360° panoramic video don't forget to drag the picture to all sides with a mouse.


To experience the Stop 360 Video on your iPhone or iPad

Kolor Eyes Download Kolor Eyes
on the App Store


copy link


open Kolor player, in menu select browse video gallery and paste the link,
for more fun turn on gyroscope

To experience the Stop 360 Video on your Android device

Download 360 Video - 360Heros
on the Google Play


open 360Heros player and find the video in CONCERT category

To experience the Stop 360 Video on your MAC or PC

download and install Kolor Eyes player
MAC    PC 32 bits    PC 64 bits

download high quality video from http://www.pienenuvins.lv/stop360/STOP360-HQ.mp4 (355 Mb)
install and launch the player and move the video into it
watch the video in high quality and enjoy the details!

Making of Stop 360

If you want to know how we did it and what we've been through, watch the video below:

to choose another language in subtitles hit cc button


Vadim Kozhin idea author, director, post-production
Evilena Protektore idea co-author
Aleksandra Line idea co-author, project manager
Dennis Tumakov choreographer, screenplay co-author
Evilena Protektore vocals
Yuri Koshkin guitar
Andris Kaulinsh keys
Krishjanis Bremshs drums
Kristaps Lubovs sax
Aleksey Shevtsov bass
Darja Krizska location manager
Olga Gordeyeva location assistant
Pavel Shestakov backstage video
Natalia Albicka backstage photo
P.F.Creative Lab backstage photo